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Success Coaching - Power Your Choices - Expand Your Power

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., has an eclectic approach to counseling and coaching.   She recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and draws from diverse psychological and alternative modalities.     Along with her educational background; Dr. Palmer is a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation and Guided Visualizations.   Through a variety of multidimensional techniques, Virginia will assist you in realizing your Personal Power and in fulfilling your Higher Purpose. 

Virgina Palmer

Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Potential

Virginia translates the complex energy aspects of your astrology chart into opportunities to transform past patterns and to manifest your desired success.  She helps you build a strong foundation to live your dreams in the following areas:

  • Changing Limiting Beliefs into Positive Outcomes
  • Transforming Stress into Expanded Personal Power
  • Designing Your Unique Formula of Greater Success
  • Creating and Sustaining Loving Relationships
  • Increasing Your Health, Longevity and Vitality
  • Dreaming Your Dreams into Reality

1 hour and 30 minutes reading and Transformational Journey:

1 hour reading:

20 minutes mini reading:

Healing Dreams, Manifestation Dreams, Problem Solving Dreams, Destiny Dreams, Global Dreams:

Virginia and the Dreamers will design, then dream and interpret a Dream for you.  The pre-dream consultation helps you clarify and refine the Dream that you desire.  It includes an astrology chart reading to determine best time to dream your Dream.  

Virginia dreams your Dream, receives the interpretation from “the Dreamers” and writes it out the in the morning.    The post dream consultation continues the dream process with deeper interpretation with you to determine what steps need to be taken (if any) to fully receive your and live your Dream.   

Dream a Dream for You:

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