Personal leadership is developing the highest quality of life that reflects your talents, strengths and powers.  Group leadership is inspiring confidence in others to contribute their unique abilities to the team. Transformational leadership is empowering others demonstrate their excellence.  The following trainings of the Leadership Series:

Leadership & Teambuilding

  • Purpose of Training: To present the partnership model; to establish the foundation of excellence, to present the seven qualities of excellence, to establish the components of motivation, productivity and success.
  • Benefits:  Greater individual and team motivation, cohesion and confidence; increased confidence, better leadership skills and understanding of different styles, increased productivity; higher drive for excellence.

Mission Statements 

  • Purpose of Training: To establish individual and group mission statements, set goals systemically, create new visions for a positive future and to learn manifestation tools for reaching goals.
  • Benefits:  Clarity, direction, commitment and focus on present situation, future opportunities; New Model for achieving success, reward and fulfillment.

New Strategies for Change

  • Purpose of training: To implement the seven-stage model of change; to experience transformational processes; to change adversity into opportunity; to increase mastery  benefits the whole team.
  • Benefits:  More focus on the positive side of change;  Develop more opportunities for success and the of “power change”.

Choosing the Partnership Model:
Personal Power, Mutual Respect, Mutual Support, Co-Creation; Higher Purpose

  • Purpose of Training: To develop the formula for making wise and power choices; to implement the components of excellence & leadership; to integrate the partnership model in daily life.
  • Benefits:  The key to all successes!

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