Through a variety of multidimensional techniques, Virginia will assist you in fulfilling your higher purpose.  She provides transformational processes resolving old issues, clearing the pathway to freedom.  Dr. V specializes in coaching and healing sessions in the following areas:

Personal Partnerships

  • The Magic of Dating
  • The Miracle of Relationships
  • The Magnificence, Intimacy & Commitment
  • Your Legacy of Love
  • Fulfilling Relationships, True Partnership
  • The Joy & Beauty of Love
  • Ignite Your Passion
  • The Magic of the Tantric Way of Loving
  • New Visions for Magical Partnerships
  • Discovering the Lost Depths of Love

Partnership with Success

  • Personal Power, Achievement & Excellence
  • Techniques to Manifest What You Want
  • Creating & Manifesting Wealth
  • Reprogramming Unwanted Patterns
  • Inner Image and Outer Success
  • Strengthening Your Platform of Power

Spiritual Partnerships

  • The Great Circle of Love
  • Reclaiming Your Spiritual Ancestry
  • Guided Journeys to Your Higher Self
  • Finding Your Soul’s Path of Destiny
  • Co-Creating the Future
  • Living The Dream
  • Receiving the Gifts
  • Unconditional Love and Inner Peace

Call for details & prices:  512-692-9136