Dream Mapping - Seven Steps to Success


Dream Mapping - Seven Steps to Success

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Dream Mapping is a seven-step system designed to help you achieve your dreams, goals and visions. Dream Mapping shows you how to create, direct and to manifest your dreams with precision and accuracy.  Dream Mapping is a series transformational processes that leads to optimal choices and precision for success. Dream Mapping can move you to the fulfillment of living your dreams.   

Seven steps to Dream Mapping:  Vision, Imagine, Desire, Choose, Act, Expect, Receive.

Dream Power - Unlocking The Magic of Night Dreams


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1. Dream Power Book

2. Lucid Dreaming  Techniques

3. Dream Power Book Conclusion

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Dream Power is a series techniques and guided journeys to show you how to programs and direct your night dreams. The function of night dreaming is vital to our human needs to seek the secrets of life, to be happy and to love.  Dreams find solutions to the conflicts and paradoxes of life.  Dreams can sharpen your tools of reality creation:  imagination, desire and expectation.   When you learn to direct your night dreams you will unlock the Magic of Night Dreams!

Dream Power - Complete Series


Dream Power Complete Series
eBook & 10 Audio Downloads: 

1.  Dream Power Book

2.  Lucid Dreaming Techniques

3.  Dream Power Book Conclusion

4.  Initial Blending with the Dreamers

5.  Calling the Dreamers Blending

6.  Initiation of Light

7.  Magenta Disk Overview

8.  Magenta Disk Meditation

9.  Initiation of You Becoming a Dreamer

10.  Dream Weaver Dreams Your Dream

Faces of Power


Faces of Power - A Guided to Personal Empowerment

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Faces of Power is an exciting and comprehensive guidebook that will assist you in evolving your personal power.   My definition of personal power is “having the ability to act with clarity of mind, precision of direction and purity of heart.”  Personal power is “giving yourself the permission and authority to be powerful.

Vitality Meditation Practice


Vitality Meditation Practice 

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The purpose of Vitality Meditation Practice is to release old negative patterns and to continue to raise energy levels to higher states of awareness, health and vitality. 

Transformational Journey - Audio Downloads


Transformational Journey

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Transformational Journeys focus on variety of topics, issues and areas of desire change.  Each selected journey is guided visualization with specific  processes to transforming yourself or current situation into a state of vitality, fulfillment,  abundance and success.