Share Your Dreams

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Become part of a World-Wide Dream Matrix.  We will dream for you!

Together we will dream Dreams for ourselves, for friends, family and for special designated places on the planet that need our help.  Our virtual Dream Pods consists of individuals, Dream Groups, Meditation Groups and any others that wish and be part of our Matrix.Share Your Dreams

Our Dreams can be the inspiration that fuels our daily life.   Dreams lead us to the next level of our ever-expanding journey and our life purpose. Dreams seed the essence of success, fulfillment, happiness and love.  You can plant and grow these seeds with Lucid Dreaming.  You can add more power and purpose to your Conscious Dreaming by joining with the Dream Power Partners. 

Give to Others as a Dream Power Partner, you can connect with other Dreamers to share dreams, to receive interpretations of your Dreams.  You can request healing dreams, creating and destiny dreams. Each Dream Pod may choose to “adopt” an organization (s) that serve globally, to dream and vision for them. 

The Austin Dream Power Partners, Dream Pod, dreams and visions for the Rainforest  Partnership, .   We have helped them raise funds for their amazing programs in Peru and Brazil.   More about our Global Dream Project as it develops and as we dream about it!

Together We Live, Dream, Receive!