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  1. StressWorks, Tools for Success in Changing Times; New strategies for Well-being; Transforming Stress to Success in all areas of Your Life; Opportunities for Positive Change

Proposed Topics:

  • Crisis, Adversity and Challenge
  • Anger, Fear and Healing Old Wounds
  • Burnout and New Visions (New Vitality)
  • Change and Forgiveness
  • New Choices for SuccessWorks
  • Sustainable Well-Being
  • Health and Happiness

StressWorks Workbook Notes:

Less Stress: Stress is part of being human.   Stress can be a positive force in your life when you know how to handle your challenges. When you feel stressed out, it is a signal from your body to pay attention, slow down, and change certain behaviors. Stress is energy and you can re-direct the energy by directing your will.

The key to making stress your friend is to know the “ABC’s of Stress”

AWARENESS      |     BALANCE        |        CHOICE 

There are many different symptoms of stress, ranging from physical body changes to irritability and tight muscles. Symptoms can range from an upset stomach to a more serious illness, such as depression, anxiety and mental confusion.   When you are aware of your stress symptoms and triggers you can begin the process of bringing yourself back into balance.

Definition of Balance:

*Responding to challenges as opportunities to grow

*Acting assertively, not passively or aggressively

*Expressing your thoughts and feelings clearly

*Understanding signals from your mind and body

*Changing negative actions into positive actions

*Feeling good about yourself

Identifying Your Stress Triggers

Identify your stress triggers, then imagine and describe alternate ways you can Choose to respond and bring yourself back into Balance.


•  People
•  Things
•  Events


•  Physical
•  Emotional
•  Mental

Stress Release Exercises:

Step One: Sit down, close your eyes and focus on the physical, mental or emotional area of stress.

Step Two: Imagine the Sun’s golden rays coming down and penetrating the areas of stress. Visualize yourself releasing the stress into this golden light. Let go of the thoughts and feelings attached to the stress, and release them into the power of the sun’s golden light. Feel yourself in a cocoon of golden light, nurtured, safe and protected.

Quick Release: Identify something that is bothering you. Relax and tell yourself, “I don’t need to let myself become stresses over this right now.” Take three easy, deep breaths, counting from one to ten as you exhale. Allow the stress to drain from your muscles.


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