Virginia Palmer, Ph.D. Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., Dreamer, Astrologer, Coach, is founder of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation.  She empowers you via Transformational Astrology readings, Conscious Dreaming classes and Transformation Processes to the Great Adventure of  Living Your Dreams!   Virginia’s audio/video classes, Dreamshops, Zoominars, and private consultations increase your success in following areas: personal fulfillment, loving relationships, glowing vitality, joyful creativity and financial sustainability.   She offers personal/group Astrology readings; Lucid Dreaming classes/certification; Local/Global Dream groups; Transformational coaching for individual/groups.

Transformational and Love Astrology  – Your birth chart maps out your Soul’s Journey through this lifetime.  Virginia translates the complex energies of your chart into opportunities to heal negative patterns, to manifest your desired success and to move you towards Enlightenment, Oneness with you Soul.  She examines your chart’s transits (movement of the planets as they affect your chart) so you can consciously work with the energies of challenges, expansions and fulfillments.  Watch for periodic Astrology Specials!

Dream Power is a series programs to learn techniques and rituals to direct your day and night Dreams to create a happy, healthy and abundant life. You also learn how to access your  Dream Team” to receive deeper insights and interpretations of your Dreams.  As you become more proficient as a conscious Lucid Dreamer you anchor your night dreams in your daily life through conscious “day time” reality creation process. Check out “Sweet Dream Series” for a special gift!

Transformation Consultations – Virginia recognizes the uniqueness of each individual.   She can draw from her many diverse modalities to customize your transition/transformation pathway.  Through a variety of techniques, Virginia will assist you to expand your current/future vision and transform your old patterns into new dynamic opportunities for greater success.  The following programs are samples of transformation consulting areas: Transforming Success with Love | Expanding Happiness & Joy | Becoming Your Truer Self | Increasing Longevity & Vitality | Expanding Love & Abundance | Aligning with Your Soul’s Purpose | Increasing Your Gratitude | Living Your Dreams

Dream a Dream for You – As a Lemurian Dreamer, Virginia has the ability to dream a Dreams for You – Healing, Creating, Destiny, Soul Dreams.  She reads your astrology chart for optimal time to dream; dreams for you; channels the Lemurian Dreamers to interpret your Dream, provides processes to manifest your Dream into your daily life.  It’s Time to Live Your Dreams!

Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation, 501c(3), founded by Virginia Palmer

Mission:  Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation is dedicated to developing/implementing innovative environmental educational programs, community action and transformational courses for students, teachers, special groups and  non-profit  organizations.  These classes, courses and events offer information, practical tools and creative activities that promote better emotional health, environmental awareness and more fulfillment in daily life. 

“Whatever you dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, magic and power in it”      
                 -von Goethe

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