Transformational Lucid Dreaming Coach 
Certification Program (Dream Academy)
Virginia Palmer, Ph.D. 


  • To initiate Dreamers to dream various types of Lucid Dreams, (healing, creating, manifesting, destiny, soul) consciously by Ritual and techniques.
  • To certify Dreamer Initiates who have the ability to dream Lucid Dreams for self, for others and for the planet.
  • To certify Dreamers to teach Lucid Dreaming and to create Dream Pods.
  • To become a Transformation Lucid Dreamer, day and night, 24/7, to live your Dreams and to empower others to wake up to conscious dreaming and living.


Our Human Spiritual Heritage began in the Ancient Civilization of Lemuria.  The Lemurian Dreamers dreamed Dream into the physical plane reality.    We are dreaming our reality through our day Dreams and night Dreams.   As we re-connect with the Lemurian Dreamers, learn to consciously Lucid Dream  24/7,  we can for on-going transformation of Self, others and the planet.

During this Lucid/Lemurian Dreaming Coach certification program, you will re-connect to your Lemurian Dreamers, receive their interpretations of your dreams, learn the ancient manifestation Dream Rituals, new Dream techniques, co-create with the  other Dreamers and journey to the Lemurian Temples of Dreams:   Healing, Forgiveness, Success, Creating and Manifesting, Love, Abundance, Enchanting Futures, Destiny & Gratitude.   We explore the multidimensionality of our Dreams and move through the portals to experience on-going Dream Magic.

Level I – Becoming a Transformational Lucid Dreamer:  

  1. Two 2-hour classes, plus 2 weekly 11/2 hour Dream Group (Pod) with Virginia
  2. Receive a 30-minute Dream Astrology Reading with Virginia
  3. Learn benefits, manifestation techniques for Transformational Lucid Dreaming, 24-7
  4. Be Initiated as a Transformational Lucid (Lemurian) Dreamer
  5. Share Dreams, Interpretations Dream Trance Manifestations with your Dream Pod
  6. Co-Create your desires or healings with your Lemurian and Dolphin Dreamers Team
  7. Become proficient in Day & Night Transformational Lucid Dreaming
  8. Actualize your Day & Night Dreams in living your daily life

Dreamshop I –  

  • Meet, connect with the Lemurian Dreamers
  • Learn benefits, techniques, rituals for Lucid Dreaming, 24-7
  • Receive tools, tips for remembering your dreams
  • Dream Incubation for you and your clients
  • Experience Initiation of Light, Magenta Disk
  • Journey to the Lemurian Temple of Dreams
  • Give your Dream to the Lemurian Dreamer
  • Be Initiated as a Lemurain Dreamer

Week I – Dream Pod 

  • Meet your Dolphin Dreamer
  • Journey to Temple of Dolphin Dreamers
  • Share dream experiences
  • Interact with Lemurian Dreamers for dream interpretation
  • Receive tools for remembering, understanding andworking with your dreams
  • Refine lucid dreaming skills, techniques
  • Dreamwork for next Dream Pod meeting

Week II – Dream Pod 

  • Share dream experiences
  • Receive more tools for remembering, understanding Dreams
  • “Dream Trance” for each member to manifest a Dream
  • Interact with Lemurian Dreamers for dream interpretation
  • Questions/answers about dream experiences
  • Connect deeper with the Lemurian Dreamers


  1. Little Story, Big Story, Grand Story
  2. How to work with the various Temple of Dreams for you & your clients
  3. Journey to Temple of Lost Dreams to retrieve gifts, past/future dreams
  4. Journey to the Temple of Success and Abundance
  5. Connect more deeply with each Dreamers and their functions
  6. Journey to the Temple of Gratitude
  7. Become Certified as a Transformation Lucid/Lemurian Dreamer

Level II – Becoming a Transformational Lucid Dreamer for Others & the Planet 

During Level II, you will learn to dream dreams for other people, interpret the dreams, interact with the person before and after the dream.  We will dream Global Dreams weekly. We will delve deeper in our relationship with Soul, meet our spirit animals, explore the archetypes and some other elements that are often present in dreams.   The course outline will be available soon.

Level III – Becoming a Transformation Lucid Dreaming Coach, Lead Journeys to the Temples of Dreams; Create your own Dream Pod 

During Level III, you will learn, practice leading guided journeys to the various Temples of Lemurian Dreaming.  You will open your channels to receive the energies, information from the Dreamers and your Higher Consciousness as you increase your confidence as a Lucid Dreaming Coach.  We will outline, discuss how to create, conduct a Dream Pod and explore the dynamics of group interactions. You will deepen and expand your skills for lucid dreaming so that most every time you ask for a dream, you receive the dream, remember it, write it down, interact with the Lenurian Dreamers and interpret the Dream.

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