The Lemurian Dreamers 
The ancient civilization of Lemuria was the first Human Being experience on planet Earth.  The Lemurian people were highly evolved, very spiritual and had an equal balance of the feminine and masculine principles.  The Lemurian Dreamers dreamed the human experience reality into physical manifestation. 

Virginia Palmer was and is a Lemerian Dreamer and guides you to re-connecting with these Ancient Partners, through lucid dreaming, meditations and channelings.  The Dreamers are here to give us new dreams and to co-dream with us. 

The Lemurian Dreamers:  The Dream Weaver, The Dream Tenders, The Dream Keepers, The Dream Steeler, The Lemurian Dreamer and The Mysterious Other. 

During the Solstice and Equinox seasons the people of Lemuria would gather to Celebrate the change of seasons, the change of the movement of the Sun and the Magic of the time.  The highlight of these festivals was the opportunity to give the Lemurian Dreamer a dream to dream for them, their family and their world.  

Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland (of Mu).   It existed prior to Atlantis largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia.   While concrete physical evidence of this ancient continent may be difficult to find, many people “know” that they have a strong connection to Lemuria and to the Lemurian Dreamers. 

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