New Dimensions of Success

New Formula of Success

  1. Love, Self-love, Self-esteem
  2. Will & Imagination:  True will mixed with Vision & Joy, living Imagination, passion, compassion and inspiration.
  3. Intelligence & Wisdom – the capacity to think, to feel, to take apart, differentiate & Integrate and to see a new revelation.  Differentiation & Integration of thought and feeling and allowing revelation. Wisdom awakens the Genius in YOU: Seeing the bigger picture without losing sight of current reality, seeking new learning.
  4. Pause   Allows you to change belief, to change image and identity, allows responding, responsibility
  5. Precipitation of Choice: intellect & wisdom =C3: primary, secondary & fundamental choice. What’s the point of this success? What are the many choices that support this success? What lies at the foundation, fundamental to this success?
  6. Augmentation of Soul & Spirit:  Where does your Soul fit into this success, however big or small, is there room for Soul: The substance, the depth, the compassion, the feminine. What about Spirit: the light, inspiration, the masculine that stirs your passion?
  7. Love in Action: Stepping out there with love, esteem and acceptance of self and others as a new way of functioning in your everyday life.

These are the components that hold the Integrity of Success.

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